I mean, sure, he’s got a dumb-ass religion where they believe we’re spiritual beings called Thetans, temporarily inhabiting our human bodies, so it’s like living in a fleshy, hairy, rental property. But I ask you, WHO AMONG US DOESN’T HAVE A DUMB-ASS RELIGION? I mean, Christians pretend they’re eating the body of Christ, and Hindus worship an adorable, chubby, six-armed elephant, and at my family’s Jewish Passover seder last month, we had to open the door and let in an invisible prophet named Elijah, who sat down at our table and drank our wine while we all just sat around and watched. WE HAD AN INVISIBLE, DRUNKEN, BIBLICAL MAN SITTING IN OUR DINING ROOM, and as he was leaving, my sister tried to crack onto him.

Finner du her.

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